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A nice week with lots of Lila time! She is at such a great age right now, learning new things everyday, communicating and is just generally such a happy little soul.

She loves being outside. The other day she picked up her sweater and her doggie and marched over to the front door. She insisted we go out, even though it was raining. 

I mean, how can I resist this girl?

Sometimes Lila is really crabby when she wakes up from naps (can you blame her?) - but other days she wakes up happy and giddy. Its hilarious.

Lila took her first two instagrams this week :)


Perhaps Lila should do her own 365 self-portrait project?

We spent lots of afternoons outside this week...playing with bubbles, goofing around and eating rocks - you know, the usual.

Other things Lila did this week: tried coloring again (she still hasn't figured out that crayons aren't food) and a little bit of sign language DVD-watching in her dipe.

On Wednesday, Eric, Lila and I went to Hicks Garden Center to buy some plants for our yard. We are pretty clueless about what we are doing, and got pretty overwhelmed at Hicks, but we did come home with a bush and some flowers for our front yard, and a plan to build a raised bed in our backyard to grow some vegetables. We want to plant more flowers, too, steps.

A typical afternoon at home with the toddler tyrant:

I've been looking for new activities to do with Lila that promote learning. I've been reading a lot about sensory boxes this week and I ordered some sensory items for Lila to play with. This week we've been playing with cotton balls and colored pom poms. I've been trying to teach Lila the colors with the pom poms. She holds them up one at a time and I name the color.

On Friday Lila had music class and then we went to lunch at Panera. We do that a lot on Fridays - Panera is a great place to take kids for lunch. They have a good kids menu and plenty of high chairs!

Saturday was Lila's cousin, Paul Robert's birthday party. I took the day off work and we all went up to Westchester to celebrate. It was a beautiful day out. Lila had so much fun running around the backyard and chasing Oscar the dog.

Lila really liked playing with some beads that belong to her cousin, Lucy. I'll have to get her some to play with. She likes bracelets, too. She's always putting the rings from her stacker on her wrist. Lila also sampled some dirt at the party :)

DSC_2245 - 2013-05-04 at 16-21-03 - Version 2.jpg

I think Paul Robert had a good time, too!

Sunday was my friend Jenn's last day at "Rock of Ages" - she's been subbing for our hair and make-up supervisor for the past two months. Jenn and I have known each other since 1997. We worked together at ACT and at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. We spent a whole summer living together at the dorms in Santa Cruz. Now we both have babies! I'm gonna miss her!

Top photo - 2013, Bottom photo - 1999

Hope you all had a good week!