Friday round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Oh man, today was a day (I am writing this on Thursday night). But it ended with a yummy dessert and some quiet time on the couch, so there's that!

Here are some of interesting tidbits that crossed my path this week:

These photos of the odd backstage requests in famous musicians' riders are fascinating!

Its interesting to see where these students who went to an "alternative" school ended up forty years later.

I need to study these tips for raising indoor plants. I have a seriously black thumb.

I'm excited to go strawberry picking with Lila this year!

23 Signs You've Lived in New York City Too Long. These are right on.

Speaking of baby carriers, you can make one for your child's doll!

Julie linked to this post on her blog as well - if you are a mama it is worth the read. Motherhood is not a competition!

Some interesting info on how to clean your baby's pacifier - these video clips ere filmed at our pediatrician's office and Dr. Rubin is Lila's doctor! We love her.

I kind of want to hug Alec Baldwin for writing this.

his new app by Snoop Dogg is hilarious.

You are not a Terrible Parent. These made me laugh :)

nd finally, if you haven't seen it yet - check out the trailer for the upcoming movie The Butler. What a cast! Oprah! I can't wait to see it. Also  my friend Colman is in it! (he's the butler at the beginning, interviewing Forest Whitaker).

Central Park this afternoon

Here's to a good weekend!