Vacation: the past few days...

We've been to the park, the children's bookstore, the Children's Discovery Museum, my favorite pub (The Duke), gotten together with old friends and spent a lot of time with family. Life is good! 

Lila at The Duke.

On the patio of The Duke

Lila loves the slide

This kid is a climbing fool.

On the playground with Dad.

Lila and Daddy at the park.

At the Children's Discovery Museum.

Lucy "making pizza" at the Children's Discovery Museum.

Playing with the "magic balls".

Lucy playing with sand.

Lila playing with fake food.

Lila "making pizza".

Lila in the water area.

Playing with water.

Water play at the Children's Discovery Museum.

Lucy at lunch.

Lila and me with David (old high school friend).

Neil's little boy, Cole.


Everyone hanging out in Erika's backyard.

Looking concerned.


Lila showing off her mad fork skillz.

Chris's daughter, Marie.



Neil and Cole

Steve and Mary