Lila - Age 1, Week 31 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This past weekend we went to Lake Tahoe for our friends' Erica and Bryan's wedding. We had such a good time. You were awesome for the car ride there and back and you had a blast sharing the big rental house with all of my friends. You loved the lake and took an inadvertent swim our first night there - you made a beeline for the water and sat straight down in it! We went to the beach the next day and you had such a good time playing in the sand. We are going to have to get you a sand box when we get home. 

We go back to New York tomorrow and you are going to miss everyone here in California, especially your cousin Lucy, who you follow around and who you think is hilarious. We are going to have to Facetime with her lots!

Thanks for being such an awesome traveller, Lila! I am so excited for more adventures with you!