19 months old!

Oh my gosh, we have had an awesome month! This photo is a week late because we were on vacation in California. You proved to be a great little traveler - very well-behaved on the plane flights and long car rides. You adore your cousin Lucy and followed her around all over the place. You loved Lake Tahoe and went running straight into the water as soon as you saw it. You were enamored with the sand - you loved playing with it so much I ordered you a sand and water table as soon as we got home.

You are stronger than ever, climbing on everything. I can't let you out of my sight these days because who knows where you will end up? You are running everywhere, your new "thing" is marching, which is hilarious. You are still working on your jump. You have figured out how to step up and down.

You know over 30 signs and have started saying more words including "glasses", "push" and "brush". You are so expressive and communicative - its really fun to hang out with you.

You are getting the hang of coloring with crayons and your coordination with a spoon and fork is getting better and better.

You discovered dips in California and now love ketchup, salsa and spinach dip!

We love you so much, Lila - thanks for being the best little kid ever!