Lila - Age 1, Week 32 | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

You were amazing on our travel day back to New York. We were delayed for four hours - three of those spent sitting on the plane - and you were good as gold. This makes me very happy and excited for all the future travel we can do! You have been recovering from jet lag this week. You didn't get to bed until 2am NY time on Tuesday (which was the day we traveled) and you've been playing catch up ever since. You're getting there though.

You left California with a cold but its almost gone now.

You were overjoyed to see your kitty Tallulah as soon as you got home!

On Friday you had music class (which is where I took this photo). The last class is next week and I think that may be it for Rockin' Tots! The classes for older kids are held a bit too far away for us, and you are getting too big for the baby class! We will find something else fun for you to take, though.

You spent the weekend hanging out with Daddy, Nana and Pops. You are so happy to be home!