Friday round-up | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

I was just thinking to myself that not much happened on the internet this week, but then I went and looked back at my saved posts in Feedly (man, I love Feedly! And especially the "save for later" feature!), and I realized I actually had quite a few good blog posts bookmarked. I guess it wasn't such a boring week after all!

So here's caught my attention this week: 

Gardening with kids! We just planted our first vegetable garden. I'm excited to garden with Lila eventually. Maybe next year?!

These portraits on Instagram are fantastic. 

My friend Teresa, who sings backup for Fantasia, linked to this movie trailer on her Facebook page. It is a documentary about backup singers and it looks so good! As someone who has friends who have sung backup for Pink and Christina Aguilera, these backup singers are no joke! Stars in their own right! 

Come on people, you should know better. Teach your daughters to be happy with the way they look, no matter what size, shape or color! 

And while we're at it, cliques suck. March to your own beat! 

Lots of good info here about how to protect your camera gear from being stolen

People talk about the highs of exercising. I don't get it. I've been working out consistently (4-6 times a week) for the last 5 months or so now. I still hate it. Here are some good tips to help you through your workout.

This cake sounds delicious!  (Did you like that transition from working out to cake?)

How do you feel about social media breaks? I know I have to take breaks from Twitter here and there. The chatter gets too loud sometimes and I have to shut it down.  The quiet is nice.

Some good stuff in the Best of Summer Awards on Dinner: A Love Story. 

How many kids do you want? 

Also, how long can you wait to have a baby? 

These portraits of real women's bodies are beautiful. 

Kiwi Crate sounds awesome! You subscribe and they ship boxes of craft projects/activities for ages 3-7 right to your door!

I love this. Teaching your kids how to look at the bigger picture and make a difference. 

What British people say vs. what they really mean. This made me laugh. I could hear my grandmother saying every one of these phrases. Especially "not bad". Nothing is ever "good"!

* * *

And my favorites this week:

Lila is just starting to get the hang of crayons. I definitely have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't color on the walls. A great compromise has been her Aquadoodle. You use water to make colors appear on the fabric mat. I can let her play independently with it because it is only water!

Project Life! I finally started working on my first album this week and I am loving it. I'm working on recording our summer. 

Martha Stewart's black bean and tortilla pie is so yummy! A great lunch time dish. 


Enjoy your weekend!