Lila - Age 1, Week 29 | Garden City, NY Children's Photographer

Oh boy, your climbing abilities just exploded this week. You are EVERYWHERE. On the window sill with the cat, on top of my computer on the kitchen table, eating the cat's food which we keep up on a high side table. You are a menace! Maybe you'll climb Mount Everest one day?

You are also starting to say more words. You say "glasses" and you are using the consonant "B" for belly button. Speaking of belly buttons, you are obsessed. You are constantly inspecting my belly button and your own.

You also are doing really well with your colors. You can identify red, blue, green, yellow and orange most of the time now!

On Monday your dad had some friends over for Memorial Day. You had fun running around the backyard and hanging out with everyone. We went and visited the bunnies again at Adelphi on Wednesday evening.

Its been a warm week so we pulled out the kiddie pool and you went in it for the first time. The water was a bit cold for you at first, but once you got used to it, you had a grand old time.

You had music class on Friday and for you it was a mixture of being really shy, really enjoying yourself, smiling at everyone in the room, following directions, and at times, doing your own thing. That kind of sums up how you are in life right now. I love it and love you just the way you are.

You are the most affectionate little girl. You like kissing people and you give great big hugs. I love "cuddles on the couch", which is our snuggle time. You figured out just last night that if you yell "Mama", I will come to you really quickly. Talk about tugging at my heartstrings, little one!

On Friday we leave for California to go and visit our family there. I'm a bit anxious about the plane flight since you are such a mobile little girl now, but hopefully it will be just fine.

Love you, Lila!