This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

Monday was Memorial Day. I had to work (boo) but Eric had some friends over for a BBQ. Lila had fun taking charge of the backyard. 

The climbing! Oh lord, the climbing. Nothing is safe now. 

Bunny chasing is a favorite evening pastime around here. 

It gets her nice and tuckered out before bed. 

Music class was fun this week. I love watching Lila with all her little buddies. There are about 15 kids in the class and FOUR sets of twins. Crazy, right? 

Its been super hot this week. Eric and his dad ended up putting our air conditioning units in at midnight a couple of nights ago when Lila woke up drenched in sweat. Poor thing.  One day we pulled out the kiddie pool. Lila was a bit put off by the cold water at first, but once she got used to it, she had a great time.

The backyard had become a temporary scene shop as Eric was building a big set for a dance company out there, so we splashed around in the front yard instead.

Here in New York, the summers are a cycle - super hot and humid, then thunderstorms and torrential rain, the humidity and heat usually abate for a few days, then ramp up again and the whole cycle starts over. So we of course got some torrential rain after a few days of 90 degree weather. Lila had fun splashing in the puddles. She is obsessed with her wellies. Wears them around the house.

Waiting for the train. Two trains collided yesterday so service was all messed up. It seems like every week either a person or a car or a train gets hit. What's up with that? 

Lila has started doing some pretend play with her kitchen. She stirs things up in her pots and pans. I can't wait to cook with her for real soon! 

We leave for California on Friday, so in preparation for the long plane flight, I pulled out a pair of headphones I bought for Lila and had her try them yesterday. She was a bit weirded out at first, but then she got used to them. 

I finished work yesterday and now I'm off for two whole weeks! The next two days are all about cleaning and packing. Can't wait to get to California!

Hope everyone had a great week!