Lila - Age 1, Week 33 | Garden City, NY Children's Photographer

We have spent most of this week having tons of fun being home. You got a new water and sand table which you are loving very much, and also a new (to you - it was actually your dad's when he was little) table and chairs for the living room. You have been doing a lot of coloring, playing with stickers, playing with your Aquadoodle and re-discovering all your toys that you hadn't seen in the two weeks we were away on vacation. We've been playing with blocks and working on different sounds to go along with building things out of the blocks and also sounds to go with the blocks falling down.  

We went exploring Hempstead Lake Park on Monday but the sky suddenly got very ominous and it started thundering, so we didn't stay too long. It was also about a million degrees outside. One afternoon we went to Barnes and Noble to check out their awesome kids section. You had fun playing with the Thomas trains they have there. You also went out to dinner with Nana and Pops and Dana one night to celebrate Dana's birthday. I had to work, but I hear you were very good at the restaurant!

Its been another great week with you, Lila. You just keep getting more and more fun as each day passes!