This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Documentary Photographer

I had Thursday off this week instead of Wednesday (for the 4th of July) and it totally threw me for a loop. All of a sudden it was the weekend again and I was back at work all day Saturday and Sunday. I didn't like it. Things are really busy at work right now. We are putting three new cast members into the show so we are rehearsing a lot. I'm trying to cram all I can into my days at home, so I'm kind of running myself ragged. And then the cleaners we had set up to come and clean our house this week bailed. It was a real bummer. So anyway, I feel like I've been running a marathon more than usual lately but it is what it is. I'm trying to savor all the time with Lila that I can. 

Its been so terribly hot lately that we have been spending a lot of time indoors with the air conditioning. Lila continues to be a big book lover. 

I think she was signing "baby" here. 

We do try to get out for walks as much as possible, though. Even if it means getting a bit sweaty in this humidity! 

We took the tray off Lila's high chair so that she can eat at the table like the grown-ups. She's gotten into this habit of eating with her feet up. Its kind of hilarious. 

We put some flowers in a pot on the front porch. I love the color pop when you look at the house. 

We had some friends over on the 4th, including Lila's cousin Lucy. It was a fun time! 

Lila and I made chocolate chip cookies on Friday. She is so me and Eric's child. Would not let me help her. Had to do it herself! 

Preparing Lila's lunch and dinner one day this weekend. One of these days I'll do a post on toddler food. Lila's eating habits are getting better everyday (thank goodness!) 

It was a hot one in the city this weekend. 

Lila eating lunch with Tallulah. 

Random self-portrait. 

I love this little monkey.

Hope you are having a great week!