Friday round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Its been a crazy busy week around here, but I have some fun reads for you! 

Manhattanhenge is TONIGHT! Don't miss it! 

This is an interesting read about Annie Leibovitz's process and thoughts on photography

I'm a beer and wine girl myself, but this cocktail sounds really refreshing

10 houses made out of shipping containers. Tight quarters, but so cool! 

This corn tomato salad looks like the perfect summer side dish. 

The girls from "A Beautiful Mess" have a new book coming out about photographing everyday things - sounds like some good tips might be in there that apply to shooting "A Day in the Life"! 

If you missed seeing fireworks on the 4th of July, you can see the whole Macy's Fireworks show in 59 seconds right here! 

There are some awesome photos on the U.S. Interior Department's Instagram account

Are you bored? Here are 20 one-afternoon crafting ideas! 

These lifestyle photos featuring wookies are hilarious :) 

This girl documented learning how to dance with a year of video. She is really good! 

Film photography technique tips for the digital photographer. Some good information here! 

This post about Toby meeting his baby brother for the first time is really sweet! 

* * * 

My favorite thing this week is the book "A Year of Mornings". I can't believe I'm only hearing about this now, but Stephanie and Maria are friends who live 3191 miles apart. They each took a photograph every morning for a year and published them as a diptych on their blog. Its amazing the synchronicity their photos have, even though they didn't know what the other was photographing! I would love to do a project like this with my best friend, Michele.

* * * 

Have a great weekend!