20 months old!

Lila, slow down! You are growing so fast! You are such a fun little kid these days. Everyone loves spending time with you. We spend our days reading books, coloring, playing with Tallulah, building stacks of blocks, dressing and undressing your baby dolls, wrestling on the bed and couch, going for walks and playing in the backyard.

You helped me make cookies for the first time last week and you were such a good (but stubborn) little helper. You wanted to do everything yourself! You are really enjoying playing with your play kitchen lately, too. You are always stirring up something on the stovetop and tasting it and saying "yum!". And you love emptying our pantry. Yesterday you dumped allspice all over the kitchen floor. Woops!

You continue to love bunny chasing and giving Tallulah big hugs whenever she is around. You love animals.

You also love being outside. Everyday you grab your shoes and go to the front door. You love running around the block.

We are having the best summer with you. We love you so much!