Who are your sources of inspiration? | Long Island Family Photographer

There are a number of websites I visit everyday because I find such inspiration there. The biggies are Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest and blogs. I thought I'd list some of my current favorite people to follow and blogs that I read. And I'd love to hear who your current favorites are! I am always looking for new people to follow who can inspire me.

On Flickr: 

Chris Arnade - His portraits of people living with addiction, mostly in the Bronx, and their accompanying stories, are difficult to look at, but so brilliant.

Boy_Wonder - This guy is just a photography wizard. I don't know how he does it. 

Ashley Oostdyck - Such soft, pretty images. 

NessieNoodle - Her self-portraits this year have been stunning. Every single one. 

Kim Smith-Miller - I've been following her for a very long time. She is an phenomenal portrait photographer and does a lot of amazing work on film. 

tara on the wander - Another photographer I came across this year in my "Now You" class. I just love her style. 

Theo Gosselin - I love the ease of his photos, and the tones and hues are fantastic.

meeganz - Another discovery from my "Now You" class. I love the feel of her photos. 

 * * *

On Instagram

Bleubird - Beautiful photos of family (she also has a wonderful blog). 

Jacob Santiago - His photos of NYC remind me why I love living here. 

Ciscolo - Oh, this dog! I love this dog! 

Rona Keller - The light in her photos is GORGEOUS. 

Finn - The most beautiful, serene landscapes. 

* * * 

On Vimeo

Xanthe Berkeley - I started shooting video because of her. Her time capsules are stunning. 

Emma Saunders - Emma was in a class I took from Xanthe and I just think she is such a talent - her attention to detail and light is amazing. 

Jonathan Britnell - his 366 days. 366 seconds is awesome. 

* * * 

On Pinterest: 

Beth | {local milk} - Everything she pins is just so beautiful. Lots of good style and food inspiration.  

Jodi McKee - Oh my gosh, Jodi has like 3 million followers! Incredible! I love all the cute baby girl outfits she pins and also a lot of her design pins. 

Sarah Kieffer | Vanilla Bean blog - I get tons and tons and tons of photography inspiration from her pins.

* * * 


Nat the Fat Rat - One of my very favorite reads. Mama living in NYC with the most adorable toddler. I love her writing style. I love her daily adventures with Huck. She's also not afraid to talk honestly about difficult subjects like weaning and miscarriage.

Elise Blaha Cripe - I get so much inspiration from Elise about Project Life and scrapbooking. I also love her clean aesthetic in home decor. 

A Beautiful Mess - These girls are a neverending source of crafty inspiration. I don't know how they come up with so many ideas! 

Ain't No Mom Jeans - My favorite style blog of the moment. 

The Happy Family Movement - I just started reading this blog this summer, but I love their Summer Bucket List Challenge, I love the beautiful photography of their family, and I love reading about their adventures! 

You Are My Wild - The idea of doing a portrait a week of Lila came from this blog. Such beautiful photos of these kids. 

Enjoying The Small Things - one of the blogs I've been reading the longest, and one of my favorite mama blogs. Kelle just seems like such a fun person.  

Natalie Creates - I just started reading this blog, but I am so excited to see the move to the farm! 

* * * 

So that is just a small list of some folks I am inspired by right now. I would love to hear about who you follow, who inspires you, which are your favorite reads! Leave a comment below or write up your own blog post and leave the link in the comments! 

I previously wrote about some of my favorite blog reads HERE and HERE.