This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

A jam-packed week: lots of rehearsals for me, and I spent all day Tuesday cleaning the house while Lila went to the beach with her Nana and Aunt Dana. Thursday was the "A Day in the Life" Photo Challenge and I worked all weekend. Whew!  

Here's how it looked: 

We went for a walk to Adelphi (a college campus near us) to scope out spots where we could take some family photos. 

Its been so hot that we've mostly been staying inside near the air conditioner. Lila does get antsy though, so there have been a few sweaty walks.  

Eric's mom sent me this photo of Lila at the beach on Tuesday. The kid is stylin'! 

New York City in the summer...just ALL the smells. 

I cleaned the whole house on Tuesday because the cleaners we had scheduled bailed. Total bummer. At least the house is sort of clean now even though I would have rather spent the day doing a bazillion other things.  

Eric and his dad finished patching our roof and the garage roof and put new siding on the garage. Next on the agenda is getting some new bookshelves for the living room and guest room. We have book overflow! The clutter is bothering me. And the basement...oh man, the basement. Something has to be done. Eventually we are going to renovate down there and make an office and a TV room and a big closet, but for now, I will be happy with some organization, some clean up and some shelves to store stuff.  

Its a disaster: 

Part of the morning routine: waffles and undressing her baby dolls. 

Also, emptying out the pantry and occasionally some spices: 

And always couch time with Tallulah. 

I was really happy with my images from "A Day in the Life" this time around. These were my favorites: 

We're in the normal New York summer cycle of super hot and humid followed by thunderstorms. Its been raining a lot. 

Until you have tried to walk uptown at 5:30pm in the midtown rush hour when everyone else is headed downown, you have not experienced true terror.

DSC_5143 - 2013-07-11 at 17-49-40 - Version 2.jpg

When I got out of work the other night, Times Square had been shut down due to protests over the Zimmerman verdict. Broadway with no cars is a strange sight to see.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are getting our family photos taken on Saturday. Cross your fingers the weather is good!