This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

We had a nice, but busy week getting settled back at home. Lots of projects going on around the house, including planting our veggie garden!  

Lila had some fun, new things to play with, including a sand and water table in the backyard, and a new-to-her table and chairs in the living room (they belonged to Eric when he was small). 

Lila at her new table

Lila and her Pops coloring at the new table.

Lila loves her new sand and water table!

The veggie garden! We planted lots of tomatoes, green and red peppers, zucchini, basil, sage, rosemary and oregano.

On Monday, Lila and I went over to Hempstead Lake Park to see if it would work as a place to take some family photos in a couple of weeks. It was sooo hot out and then it started to thunder, so we didn't stay long. It was a pretty walk while it lasted, though!

I've been trying to do some new activities with Lila, some centered around encouraging her to mimic my sounds (to encourage speech). We've been playing with blocks, coloring with crayons, drawing with the Aquadoodle, reading books (and making up sounds to go along with the stories), saying the sounds of the alphabet while playing with magnets, and I also got Lila an even better bubble machine! Lila also got a new soft chair from Pottery Barn Kids with her name embroidered on it. Her old beanbag chair has seen better days.

Playing with blocks


Reading books

Playing with bubbles

Going for a walk

Playing with the sand and water table

Playing with the sand and water table

Drawing with the Aquadoodle

Alphabet magnets

Watching her "Baby Babble" DVD in her new chair

Lila has started eating her meals with one foot up on the table. Its kind of hilarious.

On Friday Lila's music class was cancelled. I took her to Barnes and Noble instead. We hung out in the children's section for a while and then went and got frozen yogurt. Lila loved the train table. 

I started working on my Project Life album on Wednesday night! I'm loving it. 

On the train to work one day. I am usually so pooped by the time I head into work. All day with a toddler will do that to you! 

I took some photos at work this weekend. I love working with these crazies. 

I caught Teresa playing Candy Crush backstage. She's obsessed. 

And that was pretty much our week! Looking forward to having some friends over on the fourth for a BBQ. Other than that the rest of this month and next will be spent in rehearsals at work - blech! We are putting three new actors into the show. Good times!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July! I'll leave you with two cute photos of Lila :)