This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

The main focus of last week for me was 'Roid Week - a celebration of instant film photography over on Flickr. I have two instant cameras - a Fuji Instax and  a Polaroid One that I inherited from the "Spamalot" tour along with a ton of expired 600 film. I had so much fun taking Polaroids all week. I never think to use these cameras much, but I was really bitten by the instant film bug after 'Roid Week. I bid on a Polaroid SX-70 on eBay and won it - its on its way to me now!

We had a big week at work, two new cast members hired to replace our exiting dance captain and lead actor. They both began rehearsals this past Monday. 

As for Lila, last week was "The Week of the Hat", which I think may end up turning into "The Month of the Hat". I bought her a straw fedora at Target a couple of months ago, but this past week she really latched on to it and had to have it on her head every waking moment. It was really funny. 

Watching TV: 

Going for a walk: 

Reading a book: 

Shopping at Trader Joe's:

Lila got a couple of new toys this past week, which she loves - a Mr. Potato Head and a tea set. We are having so much fun having tea parties! She also got a big girl water bottle - its a Contigo for kids, and its great - no leaks even when turned upside down! 

It seems like Lila is learning something new everyday. Last week she got the hang of putting her shapes through the right holes in the shape sorter, stringing all of her string-along animals together, and she is a complete whiz at stacking her shapes.  She also started saying "Up! Up!".

Here are a few of my favorite Polaroids from last week: 

Project Life is still going well. Here is my spread from last week:

Its so easy these days to tell when Lila is ready for nap time. She goes and lies down on the couch and sucks her thumb. Dead giveaway.

On Wednesday, Eric's cousin Kelsey stopped by after going to the beach. We ended up having an impromptu BBQ dinner with all of Eric's family and Kelsey.  It was a good time!

The heat here is finally starting to subside a little bit now, but this past week we were still in the thick of the heat wave. We took some family photos on Saturday at Adelphi and I'm sure we probably all look like sweaty messes in them. Lila ran around like a crazy person. I hope Amy, our photographer, was able to get at least one decent shot of us!

Hope you all have a great weekend!