This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

Another week. More rehearsals. I don't go to half as many rehearsals as my coworkers do, but even an added two a week for me kicks my butt. Its hard cramming all I need to do in a week into 3 afternoons. A few more weeks of this to go yet.  

Lila's current favorite book is "Hop on Pop". She has started saying "Pop! Pop!" which delighted her grandpa who we call Pops, to no end. 

We continue to keep our mornings nice and easy and slow. It saves my sanity. 

I love her grubby toddler toes. 

We go for walks around the block multiple times a day. Its Lila's favorite thing. She stops at all the same places and touches the same trees and flowers with one finger. 

If you couldn't tell, Lila is still obsessed with THE hat. 

She is also obsessed with my Starbucks cold cup. I found her on the kitchen table the other day drinking out of it. Luckily it was only water! 

Serious face. 

Our garden is coming along! Some of the tomato plants are getting really tall and our zucchini is out of control! The basil, which we dug up because we thought it had a fungus, seems to be doing much better just in pots on the porch. 

On Wednesday, Lila and I met up with Kelly and Lola at the playground in Eisenhower Park. It was so fun seeing the girls together! 

I love the light in our living room, especially in the mornings.  

Lila is The Stacking Master. 

I was out walking between shows on Saturday and I ran into a street fair. I always have to get a crepe with butter, sugar and lemon at street fairs. Its my thing. 

I heart NYC. 

Citi bikes are everywhere now!

 My best friend Michele and I have started a photography project inspired by A Year of Mornings. You should check out our blog, Green Beans, and read about our project. Here are a couple of our diptychs so far:

Hope everyone is having a great week!