This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

This week we finally put our new "Drew" into Rock of Ages...we still have some rehearsals on the horizon but things are starting to slow down finally. Thank goodness! There are things that need to be done yet this summer - like going to the beach and out to the North Fork and story time at the library!  

On Wednesday, some of my coworkers came over for a little BBQ. It was so nice to hang out together. Lila was a bit shy, but she started to warm up once she realized she had some playmates for the sandbox and to play ball with. 

Eating a hamburger bun and inspecting the vegetable garden drip system: 

Sorting rocks: 

Playing with sidewalk chalk: 

Our daily walks continue. 

I could not have planned the lighting for this photo any better. Thank you God, for the spotlight. 

Playing with crunchy leaves: 

Fall is gonna be a blast! 

Doing some coloring at home. I still can't tell if she is going to be right-handed or left-handed. She sort of favors the left, but is still using both. 

Remnants of lunch. My poor couch. If only I had known I was going to have a kid when I bought that color couch. #filthy

Playing around with my lensbaby:

Documenting my proof for "Now You" workshops

I took some photos of my friends Lyn and Chris this week. They are expecting their baby boy in about three weeks' time. It was such a fun afternoon. I love these two. They are going to be awesome parents. 

I cut my hair to shoulder length! I love it. 

This past weekend was my first away from Lila ever (overnight)! She went upstate with Eric and his parents. I missed her like crazy but it was also nice to have some downtime. I barely remember my life before her now! 

Hope everyone had a great week!