Friday Round-up | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

We went upstate for a couple of days earlier this week and there was no wifi! Or cell service! So needless to say, I did not do as much web surfing this week, which was probably a good thing. Instead I read almost a whole book! Amazing, huh? The internet has definitely been a big culprit in my decline in reading books. More so I think than having a kid. Its kinda sad. But...I'm also hugely addicted to reading blogs and browsing Flickr and Pinterest for inspiration in my spare time, which I don't think is an altogether bad thing. I would like to find some balance though - I really do miss reading books.  

Anyway, enough rambling and on to my favorite posts this week.

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." A very good reminder. 

These black and white photos of 18-wheeler semi trucks are kinda beautiful! 

This time lapse of midtown Manhattan completely blew my mind! 

"All the world's parenting advice can be distilled to two simple rules." Yes.  

I am kind of obsessed with trying new pizza recipes. These two are definitely on my list: Peach Corn Arugula Pizza and  Greek Pizza.

This handmade girls' jacket is adorable! 

These photos of NYC taken by a cabbie while on his rounds are SO good! 

This story touched me so much. I want to take part in writing love letters to strangers, too! 

 * * *

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!