21 months old!

This is a pretty accurate photo of 21 months. You are SO almost two. Lots of emotions, lots of tantrums, mixed with lots of laughing and lots of learning.

Your motor skills have gotten so good. You are building tall towers with your blocks (and getting PISSED OFF when they fall down!). You can fit all your shapes in the shape sorter very quickly now. You can string all your animals together, too.

Your verbal skills are starting to take off. By my count you have about twenty words now and can make quite a few animal noises. You are listening as intently as ever and starting to imitate a lot.

Your favorite things to do at the moment are going for walks and sorting rocks. We have a pile of rocks that you have collected in a bag at home.

You went upstate with Daddy and Nana and Pops last weekend. It was the first weekend I had spent away from you. I missed you so much but you had an awesome time. You did A LOT of rock collecting at the house up there.

Life just keeps better and better with you, my love. I can't wait to see all the things you learn next month!