This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

I drove upstate 2 1/2 hours on Monday to meet up with Eric and Lila and Eric's parents at their house in Copake, NY. Everyone had been up there since Friday. I missed Lila over the weekend, but she clearly was having a great time when I arrived - running around the big house, collecting rocks and loving on Eric's dog Riley. Unfortunately it rained on Tuesday, which sort of ruined any plans of outdoor fun, but we did drive into Great Barrington and had a delicious lunch at the brewery there. On Wednesday we went to Bash Bish Falls where Lila played in some of the run off water, and then we walked part of the Rail Trail before heading home. Here are some of the photos of our days upstate: 

The rest of our week back at home has been pretty much status quo. Walks around the block? Check. Rock collecting? Check. Rehearsals at Rock of Ages? Check. 

I'm telling you, rocks are very serious business. 

Another of Lila's favorite things to do is jump on our bed like a crazy person: 

Lila is now 21 months old! Holy cow! 

So many people out at Rock of Ages lately due to sickness, vacation, whatever. Looking over Split Track paperwork before the show: 

I love randomly running into street fairs in NYC. This one was on 6th Avenue on Saturday. Of course I had a crepe with lemon, butter and sugar. Its a tradition. 

And finally, some self-portraits taken in Manhattan: 

Things are finally starting to chill the eff out at work, so this week I am making it a point to check some more things off our Summer Bucket List. I can't believe its almost September!

Wishing everyone a happy week!