Friday Round-up | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

There are a few pairs of shoes left in my Virtual Shoe Sale - they are going to eBay on Monday, so shop now! 

This week Eric started work at the US Open, so I took Tuesday off (in addition to my regular Wednesday off) to be with Lila. I finally feel like I am catching up on rest. Do not take your two day weekends for granted! Two days off in a row is an amazing thing. I wish my schedule was always that way. 

Some good reads on the web this week: 

I'm intrigued by this red wine pasta - I want to try it! Plus, 15 favorite 30 minute meals.

Sweet corn ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and chocolate covered potato chips. What?! Someone with an ice cream maker, please make this and then invite me over! 

These self-portraits are really cool

Favorite fast food - fish tacos! I agree with these 1000% Yum!! 

Take your time. Such a good reminder. 

I love the sense of history New York City has. These then-and-now photos are great. 

Deet-free bug spray that actually works. I want to try this! 

Breakfast tacos! These are on the list of things I need to make. 

I will always come. A promise to my daughter. 

A couple of weeks ago had a feature online about "showmances" - but all of the stories were about straight couples. Shame on you, Playbill! Kevin Burrows, who I toured with in "Spamalot", wrote this counter article highlighting some same-sex couples on Broadway. Brian Bogin and Colin Bradbury are dear friends! 

Very interesting article re-examining the strict rules of pregnancy

In 2004 I worked on the off-Broadway production of "bare", which remains the most profound experience of my career. Last week, the brilliant composer of "bare", Damon Intrabartolo, passed away. I will never forget his brilliance, humor, and madness. He was truly one of a kind. In this interview with him from 2000, he describes "bare" in his own words. And currently, Sh-K-Boom Records is streaming tracks from the off-Broadway bare in Damon's memory.

* * * 

Enjoy your weekend!