Lila - Age 1, Week 38 | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

On Monday we met with a girl who is going to be your new babysitter! You liked her very much - so much, in fact, that you cried when she left!
It was mostly another ordinary week. Lots of walks, lots of playing inside as well. You spent a lot of time with Daddy and Pops the later part of this week when I had to work.

On Saturday we went to White Post Farms to see Brobee and Foofa from "Yo Gabba Gabba". You were both a little afraid of them, and also excited to see them. You gave them both kisses but also would not leave me or Daddy's arms :) You also had fun playing on the playground there and seeing all the animals. We went out to lunch afterwards to celebrate Pops' birthday.

I took this photo of you while we were wrestling on our bed. You love jumping around our big bed. And you love getting tickled. I love your giggles :)

New words this week: Brobee ("Beebee"), shoes, nose, eye, bye bye, moo.