This Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

I feel like a broken record saying again "another ordinary week filled with walks with Lila and lots of rehearsals at work", but that's what it was. I am extending my deadline for our "Summer Bucket List" to the end of September, because the last month has just been crazy at work and it won't be letting up for a few more weeks yet. Its been hard to do any fun outings, because on the afternoons I am home, I've been scrambling to keep up with all our normal life stuff - shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Anyway, enough rambling, on to the photos!

I took this photo of my coffee earlier this week and it hit "Explore" (Flickr's "most interesting" photos) on Flickr and in two days had been viewed 20,000 times! Those stats just blow me away. 

I won a couple of Polaroid SX-70s on eBay and have been playing around with them. Both work but both have sticky shutters, which is resulting in a lot of overexposed photos (the shutter gets stuck open for a few seconds before closing when taking a photo). Anyone know a fix for this? It may just be that the cameras need to used a bunch to get the shutter loosened up again, but I don't want to waste film because its pricey. I'm thinking of taking one of them to Photo Tech to see if they can mend it. If they can, I'll take the other in to be fixed as well. 

We harvested our first tomato from our backyard! It was delicious. 

Manhattan on an ordinary day. 

Lila always wants to go out for a walk first thing in the morning. Usually I can distract her with another activity but on this day she was particularly insistent. So we went for a walk in our pajamas. 

This kid LOVES wrestling, throwing herself around and being tickled on our bed. It's one of her favorite things. 

I like this activity because it tires Lila out. 

The other day we went for a walk over by the train station. 

Eric built some awesome shelves for our living room. Our bookcases were getting too cluttered and we needed a place for the overflow. I love our new bookends! 

Last week's Project Life spread:

Lila is still obsessed with her hat. I need to take some style lessons from my one-year-old. 

On Saturday I took the matinee off and we took Lila to White Post Farms to see the animals and also to meet Brobee and Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba! It was Eric's dad's birthday, so we all went out for lunch to celebrate afterwards. Lila had a good time - I think she was a bit afraid of Brobee and Foofa as they were so big, but she did give the both a kiss! 

Tomorrow we are having some friends over from work for a BBQ and next week we go upstate for a few days - two more items I can cross off our Summer Bucket List!  

Hope everyone is having a great week!