This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

It was a fantastic week!  Lila and I had a great time getting out of the house - we went on lots of walks, explored a couple of parks and had a picnic at Sands Point Preserve, while Eric worked at the US Open.

On Tuesday we explored a new park - Christopher Morley Park. There are some wooded trails and then an open space with tennis courts, softball fields, a pool, etc. We walked around the trails for a bit and then went over to the softball fields so Lila could run around. 

We went over to Adelphi one evening for some bunny chasing. Classes are back in session now and the campus, which is usually so quiet, was filled with kids. The bunnies were still around though (thank goodness!).

There was a gorgeous sunset that night. 

On Wednesday we went to Sands Point Preserve, which used to be a Guggenheim estate. We didn't go into the house, but we walked around some of the trails (as much as we could with a stroller) and then had a picnic on the big lawn. I think we will try and go back this week and go to their beach. There were a bunch of movie trucks there - I think they were filming "Boardwalk Empire" in the Hempstead House, which is another building on the Preserve.  

What else did we do this week? Lots of stuff around the house. Hung out in the backyard and Lila played with her sand table. Found a bubble gun under the sink that actually works so had some bubble time (we are going through bubble machines so fast!). I gave watercolors to Lila to try but she just drank the water, so I'm gonna chalk that up to "not ready for paint just yet"!  

One of Lila's favorite things to do: take self-portraits with my iPhone: 

Helping me unpack the Target haul. Which basically meant dragging everything from room to room for about a half an hour: 

Her ensemble for our walk the other night included rainboots. Okay.

Not our house:


The other day we went and hung out at Eisenhower Park. They have an awesome playground there. 


Lila spotted a stray kitten at the park and immediately ran after it.

Other things that happened this week:

Pre-nap snuggles.

Putting hats on the cat.

Playing with some of my old dolls (handmade by my mom).

A little thumbsucking. Well, a lot, actually.

First day sitting front-facing in her car seat! I love that I can see out of the back of the car now. Lila loves that she can see where we are going. She kept signing "more" every time we stopped at a light. 

And, sitting in city traffic. Oh, New York. Its a good thing you're pretty.

Whew! That was a lot of photos! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!