Lila - Age 1, Week 44 | Long Island Children's Photographer

We braved the heat earlier this week and went back to Sands Point Reserve to go to the beach. The beach there has lots of shells and rocks and you came home with a big assortment of treasures.

You are getting more and more used to your babysitters. Yesterday I was able to leave you with Danielle without sneaking out and there were no tears! Whew. This is a big relief for me. I need to know that you are happy when we leave - it makes me feel better about having to be away from you!

On Saturday you went over to Hicks for a fall festival with Nana. From the photos she sent me of you gnawing on a corn on the cob and splashing in puddles, it looks like you had a great time! You love spending time with your Nana. You jump up and down on the couch and squeal with delight when you see her car pulling up outside our house.

New words for you this week: TV ("a wee wee") and toothpaste ("psssss").

Current favorite toys: blocks, Mr. Potato Head, dollhouse doll family, crayons and coloring book and matchbox cars.