This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

We had a nice week! Not too jam-packed with activity. Wednesday was the "A Day in the Life" photo challenge and after that my photo-taking slowed down a bit, as it usually does after such an intense day of taking photos of EVERYTHING! Lila and I enjoyed the neighborhood this week, took lots of walks and hung out in the yard. On Wednesday we went back to Sand Points Preserve to go to their beach. Its a really great little beach, and if it hadn't been 90 degrees that day we would have stayed longer than an hour and a half! I want to look into getting a membership there next year.  I can see us going there a lot.

I've been trying to walk between 10,000 and 15,000 steps a day (measured by my FItbit) to make up for the fact that I haven't been working out much this summer. I would just really rather be outside walking than inside doing an exercise video. That will probably change once the weather gets cold, but its my preference right now.

Some photos from our walks this week: 

Those longer walks around the neighborhood, I obviously have Lila in the stroller. Her little legs aren't quite up to walking 10,000 steps yet! But we do go on walks around the block multiple times a day where she is on foot, and running through all of our neighbors' yards. Its pretty funny. I hope they don't mind! 

And then there is always hang time in the backyard. Lila is still head-over-heels about her sand and water table. 


We had fun indoors, too.  

I was really happy with how my set of "A Day in the Life" photos turned out. Here are a few of my favorites: 

This was taken on Wednesday, but didn't make it into my "A Day in the Life" set. I like it a lot, though. Even though Lila is getting a bit big for it now, I do so like wearing her! 

I've been going for long walks every Saturday between shows and taking photos. Its been really nice (and a way to get those 10,000 steps in!). This week I finally got my Nikon d800 back from the shop, so I was extra excited to use it again. 

I'll leave you with a photo of the real life Cat in the Hat :) 

Hope you are all enjoying your week!