Lila - Age 1, Week 42 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Wait, a second...only ten more weeks until you turn two??? I can't believe it!

You are definitely more two than one at this point. Lots of learning, lots of personality, lots of emotions, lots of tantrums. Everyday is a rollercoaster ride. A really fun one, though!

This week was your first full week of new babysitters. You were with Natalie on Monday and Danielle on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. You were pretty upset when I said goodbye to you each day, but reports say that you recovered quickly and were very good and fun for your sitters. I hope this only gets easier for you, Lila. I hate leaving you everyday and I wish I could be the one to put you to bed every night. Please know that I love you so much and this is only temporary!

We had another fun week. Mostly just our regular days at home and running errands. On Wednesday we went over to Annmarie's house where you had a playdate with Lucy, and then we all went to lunch. It was really fun and awesome to see their beautiful new house! You and Lucy are going to be in the same grade at the same school eventually! I hope you two will become great friends.

Hugs and kisses to you, sweet girl.