22 months old!

Well, at 22 months, this photo is as good as it gets. I don't know what possessed me to try and do these chair photos until age 2. Its impossible to get a crazy toddler to sit still for more than two seconds, let alone smile and pose for the camera. After a week of trying to get a perfect shot, I've given up. This is you, girlfriend, at 22 months! So almost two. 

You turning into a really awesome little kid. I loved you from the very start, but I am really LIKING hanging out with you these days. You are funny and inventive and smart and observant. Its so, so cool watching you learn and grow.  

We have spent a lot of time outside this month. You love your walks around the block, collecting leaves and rocks. As we near fall there are leaf piles and puddles for you to jump in. We do long stroller walks almost every day. You love seeing the world around you. This month I took an additional day off work each week, so we have been doing weekly adventures to new places. We have explored new parks and beaches and gardens. We live in a great area with so much to do! I am excited for all the fall activities ahead.  

You got a new babysitter this month - Danielle. She is with you on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. It was a bit of an adjustment for you getting used to her, but this last week you seem to have turned a corner and have not gotten upset when I leave. Thank goodness! Reports say that you have a great time with her once I'm gone. You are still with Nana on Saturdays. Oh man, you love your Nana so much! You squeal and jump on the couch when you see her car pulling up outside.  

You had your 21 month doctor appointment this week (late, oops!) and you are now 33.5 inches tall and weigh 25.5 lbs. I counted up your words before the appointment because I knew Dr. Rubin would ask, and you have approximately 30 words now and 30-40 signs! You are communicating so well and understanding so much. Your favorite word is definitely "Car!" which you pronounce like a true Brit - "CAH!". 

Favorite things: walks, rocks, splashing in puddles, the stroller, sand box, yogurt covered raisins, Mr. Potato Head, matchbox cars, Thomas and Rosie trains, taking your dolls clothes off, your dollhouse dolls, building towers out of blocks....or Solo cups, coloring, moving things into piles (like my make-up!), and Tallulah. And of course you are still obsessed with "Yo Gabba Gabba". You also still enjoy watching your sign language DVDs and Baby Babble DVDs very much.

We got you a pillow for your crib this month. Sometimes you even sleep with your head on it!

You have finally taken a liking to eggs, so you have been eating a lot of scrambled egg and quiche.

You shocked me the other day by saying "A, B, C" while pointing at those letters on the cover of your Dr. Seuss ABC's book.  

You are going through a bit of a shy phase. You often bury your head in my neck when we are out. You get very bashful when people try to make eye contact or engage with you. We are starting "Mommy and Me" classes at the Waldorf school next week, so I'm hoping being around other kids more often will help with your shyness.

You are still really affectionate, too. Your hugs and kisses are the best. My favorite times of day are morning snuggles and snuggles before nap.

We just think you are the greatest kid ever, Lila. I'm so glad you are mine!