Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Today we are going to check out the Long Island Fair. I'm so excited - fall is here!

A few good reads this week:

Skinny pumpkin spiced snickerdoodles! Just the thing to kick off fall. 

This chocolate banana icebox cake looks delicious! 

Apparently all my links are food-related this week! I want to try all of these recipes: Mac and cheese stuffed brown sugar balsamic portabellos , shrimp corn and pepper quesadillas and jalapeno sweet potato chili.

For my nursing mama friends: these breastfeeding biscuits look tasty! 

I'm coveting these new film presets for Lightroom by Totally Rad.

9 tips for growing your photography. 

This maternity clothing line is gorgeous!

I'm excited to check out National Geographic's new photo blog, Proof. 

I tend to kill any house plant, but I am tempted to give succulents a try

Winter is coming. Time to think about bulbs

A nice post about looking back on those first few weeks of newborn/new mama haze and wondering how you will ever get through it. 

I like it when you laugh. A good reminder to lighten up! 

The Buffy Hat! I want to make one of these for Lila! 

Loving these photos. 

My best friend sent me this link. Stunning! 30 abandoned places that look truly beautiful. 

There are a lot of 52 week portrait projects out there of children (I am doing one currently of Lila), but this 52 week portrait series of the photographer's husband is such a nice idea! 

* * * 

My favorites this week:

Clickin' Moms Lightroom Presets, especially their film art series. I LOVE THEM! 

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. My current favorite color is Fig. 


* * *  

Enjoy this first fall weekend!