Friday round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

We have had such a busy week of activities - its really catching up to Lila. I have rehearsal today but I've told the babysitter to really respect nap time today. We've got to get this kid back to her chipper self!  

And now for my favorite reads this week: 

This is a really insightful post from Kelle about her relationship with God and the church. A lot of it really resonated with me.  

"The gift of photography is that it teaches us to truly see." I agree with this post 1000%. 

Brown butter chocolate chunk banana muffins. Yep, I'll be trying these. 

Honey roasted vegetable and smoked gouda baked penne . Get in my mouth.

I can't wait to take Lila to get pumpkins and explore a corn maze. Maybe next week! 

This baked spaghetti squash and cheese has been making the rounds on Pinterest this week. It sounds good! 

Photographer sets out to document US National Parks with her pinhole camera. I want her book! Also, I remember a trip to Yosemite years ago with my best friend who was also photographing it at the time with a pinhole camera! 

A round-up of the best non-alcoholic beers for all you expecting mamas. 

This pizza sounds really yummy. 

"Care about fashion. But not too much." Sally always has really insightful posts about style and fashion. 

Top ten ways to use a rotisserie chicken. Good ideas! 

Miley Cyrus's n80 camera is currently bidding for over $90,000 on eBay? Are you kidding me? I bought this same model of camera for $75!

I love these photos of a week of mornings

This guy is on a 25,000 mile bike trek around the world, taking photos. Amazing. 

An awesome post about being happy now. 

How many of these places have you visited? My score was only 26 - I've gotta get moving! 

I want this Elliott Erwitt book

This is hilarious. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake can do no wrong.  

* * * 

My favorite things this week? 

My new Frye Boots - the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.  

Also, the Baby Babble DVDs. I love listening to Lila talk along with them. She has learned so much from watching them. 

* * * 

Have a lovely first weekend of fall!