This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Having two days off in a row has seriously been life-changing! I'm going to continue to do it as long as we can afford it. I am so lucky to have such understanding and accommodating co-workers who allow me to do this! And our army of sub stage managers at Rock of Ages are outstanding, so I know the show is in good hands. With two days off in a row I've been able to spread out my chores and errands and I have actually been able to spend some quality time with Lila without feeling stressed out. Its been so awesome.

This was Lila's first week of having babysitters four times a week (that aren't grandparents). It went pretty smoothly, although there were tears every night when I said goodbye. Its heartbreaking for me to watch, but reports say she is just fine just a few minutes later. 

Lila has been really into sorting things lately, and making piles. And then moving those piles from room to room. She will stay busy for a half an hour moving piles of random things. 

Here she is piling my make-up on our bed: 


And sorting make-up once again: 

And going through everything in the pantry: 

We went on lots of walks this week. I've been trying to hit 15,000 steps a day on my Fitbit. Some days I am more successful at this than others.  Our neighborhood is so awesome for walking. I love living here!

Sometimes we like to go over to the community center down the street and play on the softball fields (and collect rocks, of course). 

At home we've been hanging out, enjoying these last summer days.  

These two are besties. I'm scared for the day that Tallulah leaves us. I don't know what Lila will do without her (or me for that matter!). 

Lila has started putting things on Tallulah's head and saying "hat, hat!" over and over again. Sometimes it is a hat she's put on Lu, sometimes it's other things - on this particular day it was my lens cap: 

Sometimes this kid can be a real nutcase. 

Her favorite activities still include: 

Jumping on the bed. 

Collecting rocks. 

And playing with cars (pronounced "CAH!") 

Lila also loves these sweet sugar tomatoes from our garden. LOVES them. 


And in non-kid related news, we autographed a guitar at work that will hang in one of the boxes at Yankee Stadium. Pretty cool. 

I've been trying to take photos of the city between shows on Saturdays. NYC, I love you, always and forever. 

New fall boots are on their way to me! Now if it would just drop, like, ten degrees outside...

Hope you all had a great week, too!