Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

I'm loving this cooler weather that we are having - I actually had to wear a sweater yesterday evening! I also got a new pair of fall boots, which I am really excited about wearing. I've started planning Lila's Halloween costume and thinking about her birthday party (in November). Bring on the fall!

I don't have very many links to share this week, but here's what I do have: 

Photographing actors from 60 feet above a Broadway stage with a CamRanger. This is pretty cool - Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts is not a "Broadway" stage, but we'll let that go :)

135 Recipes for Football Season - there are so many great recipes in this post! 

I love these double exposures. I want to play around with this technique! 

Xanthe Berkeley is starting up her Creating Time Capsules class again. You should take it! Its SO good! 

Downton Abbey's season 4 trailer! And we have to wait until Spring for it to start!

I love this body positive message!

That's all I got this week - we've been having too much fun enjoying the last days of summer to be inside reading stuff on the computer :) 

Enjoy your weekend!