Lila - Age 1, Week 43 | Long Island Children's Photographer

We had such an awesome week! We went and explored Christopher Morley Park, Sands Point Preserve and went to the playground at Eisenhower Park. We are making the most of these last warm days of summer. You are an awesome adventure companion. You love walks in the stroller and seeing new things.

This week you were with your babysitters for four evenings. You are still having trouble when I leave, but from the texts and photos I am getting while I am at work, it sounds like you are having a pretty good time once you get over the fact that I'm gone.

New things this week: saying "A", "B", "C", while pointing to the letters on the cover of your Dr. Seuss alphabet book, yelling "Pop! Pop!" when you pop bubbles, signing along with the songs at the end of your sign language DVDs, sitting front-facing in your carseat.

Lila, you are a pretty awesome kid, you know that?