Lila - Age 2, Week 9 | Long Island Family Photographer


Another wintry week! On Monday we had music class but we couldn't get to the studio because the police had the road blocked off for some reason. So we went to Panera instead and hung out and had lunch. I love our Panera lunches! I think you do, too :)

I sorted through all your old clothes this week and made piles to give away to friends. I also put together a tub of hand-me-downs that I think will work for your little brother. It feels good to purge all the old clothes, but also really sad. So many memories in those clothes! I can't believe how fast you have grown. I had to buy you some 3T leggings and shirts this week because your 2Ts are already getting too short!

I introduced you to Play Doh this week and you love it! We have had lots of fun every day cutting out shapes and making different sculptures. An awesome winter indoor activity! I wish you would be as adventurous at tasting new foods as you are at tasting Play Doh though! You had a huge tantrum on Friday over being told you had to wait a few minutes to play with the Play Doh. You screamed for 20 minutes! Oh boy. I know its hard to understand reasons behind certain things right now - I look forward to the day when you start to understand reasons and explanations about why we can or can't do certain things!

It warmed up to 40 degrees yesterday and we were finally able to get out of the house for a walk around the block. It is so hard to be stuck inside all the time. I am starting to look very forward to spring and lighter evenings. 

You are still doing really, really well in your new bed. You are sleeping more solidly and usually until 7:30am in the morning! I am so pleased with how this transition has gone. You sometimes nap in your teepee rather than the bed, but you sleep nevertheless - and that's what counts!

Another awesome week with you, Lila!