This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

We are slogging through January here. Why is winter so much harder to take after the holidays are over? We are aching to be outside again. We miss our walks! But the weather has been too cold to venture out into for any extended amount of time, and not to mention treacherous! I flew off our porch the other day because it was so icy!

Our week started with our regular trek to music class, but we couldn't get there because the police had the road blocked off (I found out later there was an accident and a power pole came down). So Lila and I headed to Panera for an early lunch. I love our lunches together. Lila does too. She's always in such a good mood while we are there. Such good company!


Lila has been so good at occupying herself lately with activities. She loves playing with her LeapPad. This shot of her on the couch with her LeapPad gives me a little preview of the teenage years ahead! She looks so grown-up.


There is no guessing anymore about when nap time is. Lila makes it very clear. Grabs her blankets and marches straight to her bed. 


I'm having a renewed love for Project Life. I'm actually trying to catch up on a lot of memory-keeping. I'm also working hard on Lila's baby book and putting together a book of her 365 portraits from her first year. This is my Project Life spread from last week and also my title page for 2014.


This year's "52 of You" course is in full swing. Here is my first portrait of the year.


This week I started sorting through all the tubs we have of Lila's old clothing. We have our big anatomy scan on the 22nd and as soon as we have confirmation that the new baby is indeed a boy, I will be donating all of the clothes we have to make some more space. I put together one tub of items that will work for our boy. It was nice to see them all together. Its starting to make things seem more real.


I finished reading "The Paris Wife" (historical fiction about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife) this week. I enjoyed it!


I introduced Lila to Play Doh. She LOVES it! Its been a good activity while we are stuck inside.


18 weeks! I am starting to feel lots of wiggles. A full month earlier than I felt any movement with Lila. My back is also not happy with me. The pregnancy pillow I had with Lila is not working for me this time, so I just ordered an Australian pillow called the "Bellybean"...we'll see if that helps the body aches I am getting from trying to sleep on my side.


One day the sun was shining so brightly that if you stayed inside you could pretend it was nice and warm outside - a hint of spring to come!


The yarn arrived for baby boy's blanket!


Another gloomy morning.


Rainy, wet New York City.


New Year's Eve remnants.


Pain au chocolat on the way to work. Yum.


Despite the chill on Sunday morning, we went for a walk anyway. It was necessary.


Hope you are all having a great week!