Lila - Age 2, Week 10 | Long Island Children's Portraiture


This week we just had to get outside, even if the weather wasn't great. We walked to the grocery store in the rain on Tuesday because you were at the end of your rope from being stuck inside, and frankly I was, too. You were in a much better mood when we got home even though we were both a bit soggy. Music class was really fun this week. There were fewer kids there so I think you felt a bit more comfortable. You were dancing up a storm and running back and forth looking at yourself in the mirrors. It was really funny. You had a great time. We went and looked at double strollers on Friday for you and your little brother. We're still on the fence about what to get. You are growing so fast that I'm not sure how much longer you will fit into some of the models we looked at! We do love going for long walks with the stroller, though, so I'd like to find something that will work for all of us for a while longer. You also tried out a stroller with a glider board on the back of it and you thought it was super fun. We will be getting a glider attachment for you no matter what stroller we get so that you can ride on that if you don't feel like sitting in the seat. Only a few more months until you are a big sister, Lila! How exciting is that? You are going to be the best big sister ever.