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I've been doing a lot this week to simplify my online life in an effort to reduce my overall screen time. I deleted my Twitter accounts and took the Facebook app off my phone. Next on the agenda is to unsubscribe to a bunch of blogs I don't really read anymore. My feed reader is too full! I definitely will not stop reading blogs altogether though - I love them too much! I just need to streamline. That being said, here are my favorite reads from this week.

I've been reading a lot of good posts lately about simplifying your online life - seems like its something a lot of people are thinking about right now. This post talks about 10 quick ways to simplify your online lifeand this is an excellent post about 5 questions to ask before you post to social media.That last article pretty much sums up why I finally came to the end of my rope with Twitter. Yuck.

Dinner time with Lila has become quite a challenge lately. She doesn't want to eat ANYTHING. This post hit home and made me laugh.

The sewing bug has hit me again. If it wasn't so cold outside I would love to make this easy maternity dress to wear.

I really like posts about productivity - they always give me new ideas. This is a good one.

This is an interesting post about going mirrorless from a professional photographer.

I've been following Kelle's blog since her daughter Nella was born. This is a lovely tribute for Nella's 4th birthday.

See how a 365 project changed this photographer's life. His photos are stunning.

This is a really inspiring post about scrapbooking.

I think I need these banana-chocolate-coffee muffins in my life.

This is a good list of what to pack in your hospital bag when you are getting ready to have a baby.

Some really awesome photos taken by a storm-chaser.

This company Kid & Coe rents kid-friendly vacation rentals. What a good idea!

A really informative post about the app Timer Cam. A great tool if you like to take self-portraits with your iPhone.

I don't think a home really looks lived in until there are things on the walls. This post gives a lot of great ideas for wall hangings.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these subway photos from the '70's and '80's in NYC.

* * *

My favorite thing this week is this series of DVD's by Preschool Prep. I may have linked to them before. Lila loves the Colors, Letters, Number and Shapes DVDs and learned so much from that initial series. I just bought her the Phonics series and Sight Words, and she LOVES them. She already recognizes some of the words - I highly recommend! You can buy the DVDs on Amazon, but they are often on sale on Zulily if you are a member.

* * *

Have a great weekend!

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