Lila - Age 2, Week 11 | Long Island Children's Photographer


I think we are both getting a little tired of winter. Its just too cold to be outside at all at the moment so we are spending lots of time at home. We're both going a little stir crazy. You're watching way more TV than I would like you to right now, but at least it is mostly your Preschool Prep DVDs, which I feel are at least teaching you something. You love reciting your letters and numbers. You are constantly counting everything. We've been playing with Play Doh a lot and I also pulled out a magnet set for you to play with this week, so that's been a new activity. You opened some legos that you got for Christmas and have been having fun with those. Your lego collection is starting to get pretty impressive! We've been having smoothies every day in an effort to get more fruits and veggies into both of us, and you are liking them  - whew! Food has been a bit challenging as of late. You are starting to turn your nose up at a lot of the old standards. You had a fun afternoon sledding with Pops on Wednesday while Daddy and I went for a doctor's appointment. You also went to the Children's Museum with Nana on Saturday. We are almost at the end of January so spring is getting closer, Lila - just a few more weeks and we'll be busting out of this house and enjoying some sunshiny outside time!