Lila - Age 2, Week 8 | Long Island Children's Photographer


The big news this last week is that you moved into a big girl bed! On New Year's Eve, your dad and I all of a sudden realized this was the perfect week to make the move since we were both home a lot of the week. Daddy put together your new bed frame (with your help) and we moved it down to your room and got it all set up. You love it! You are very proud of it and had a great time showing it off to Nana and Danielle. You like to bounce around on it and pile all your stuffed animals on it. You have been sleeping really well, too. I was nervous, because you are not always the best sleeper, but you have been doing so well. I'm really proud of you. There has been no fussing at all and you are actually sleeping in later in the mornings! Occasionally you fall asleep on your bedroom floor or in your teepee, but that's okay - we just move you to your bed once you are out. I'm so thankful that its been such a smooth transition!

We got a lot of snow this week. My best friend Michele came to visit on Friday and we took you out on your sled and pulled you all over the neighborhood. You had a blast. Its been a challenging winter so far being stuck inside so much, but you are starting to play independently more and more, which is great. You are really getting the hang of playing with the apps on your LeapPad, especially Art Studio, and even though you are watching more TV right now than I really like, you are mostly watching a lot of educational videos, which makes me feel moderately better about it. You really love the Preschool Prep series which has taught you the whole alphabet, counting to 10, your shapes and your colors. You are constantly counting things and reading letters on signs or labels - its really awesome to watch you using what you've learned!

I love the girl you are growing into, sweet Lila!