Lila - Age 2, Week 46 | Long Island Children's Portraits

We had a bit of a bumpy week with Logan being sick, and you had a rough day at school on Tuesday when Dad showed up to fix one of the toilets. Your dad being at school was clearly way too big a distraction - you just wanted to be with him, not out on the playground with the other kids. Dad won't make the mistake of showing up during school hours again! On Wednesday, though, I stayed outside the classroom the whole session and even left for a little bit, and you were FINE. I told you I was leaving and you just said "Bye!". You were too busy to care. I'm so proud of you! On Friday we went and explored Norman J. Levy Park - you had one meltdown while we were there, but otherwise I think you had a good time :) And on Sunday we went down to the Nassau Street Festival with Annmarie and Lucy, and you had a blast. You really love Lucy and were having a good time with her. Your favorite part of the street fair was the petting zoo, especially the big hairy rabbits!