Logan - Week 16 | Long Island Children's Portraits

This is Logan's sixteenth week!

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My boy full of joy. It is so easy to get smiles and laughter from you. I hope that never, ever changes. You are such a ray of sunshine! Even when you are under the weather, which you have been this week. Stuffy nose, cough. You poor thing. I am shoving vitamins down everyone's throats to try to keep us all healthy so we can stop passing things on to you. You keep ending up with the worst of it.

I gave you your first little haircut this week - I trimmed the sides and the top. I think it looks great!

You are SO close to rolling over from your back to your tummy. You just need to get your arms involved and you will be there in no time flat. You kind of end up on your side flailing around and getting mad :) 

Danielle came over on Friday and did some more Bottle Boot Camp with you. She was able to get you to drink an ounce. We're getting there. You are one stubborn little boy when it comes to your milk - not a fan of the bottle!

I am loving the one-on-one time I am getting with you now that Lila is okay on her own at school. Mama and Logan dates three times a week! They rock, just like you, little man. I love you!