4 Months Old!

This month your big challenge was bottle-feeding. I started back at work, and so we had you in serious Bottle Boot Camp for a few weeks leading up to my first day back. We tried lots of different bottles and cups, and there was lots of resistance and screaming. You are one stubborn little boy! We've finally settled on Comotomo bottles, and although you are still not a fan of the bottle, you are slowly starting to give in a little bit. You've been drinking 2-3 oz of milk while I'm at work. I wish you would drink more, though! Unfortunately this has all affected your sleep as you tend to want to nurse all night once I'm home. Hopefully we'll figure all this out soon, because I would love for the two of us to start getting some quality sleep! 

We went up to Copake for a few days and you went on your first apple-picking trip. You slept through some of it, but once you woke up, you were enthralled by all the trees. I also took you and Lila into Manhattan one Monday for a picnic with some friends of mine from the "Spamalot" tour, and you behaved excellently. Everyone had a lot of fun passing you around. You and Lila were champs in the car, too, when we were stuck in traffic for ages!

Lila has been in school three days a week since the beginning of September, so you and I have had some one-on-one time together, which has been so nice. I like our outings together - even if it just hanging out at Starbucks! You are good company :)

You caught ANOTHER cold and had a bad fever one weekend, but luckily that is all past us now. I hate seeing you sick!

You are super close to rolling over from your back to stomach and yesterday you got your first tooth!! 

You are the happiest little guy (except when you are being given a bottle) and we love you so, so much. You are our ray of sunshine, Logan!

Size report: 26 inches long, 15 lbs 2 oz. 

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