Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

I only took a few photos this week - we were mostly running around doing things like going to Target or dropping Lila off at school. Nothing too photo-worthy. Here's what I've got...

We went back to Ridder's Duck Pond on Monday. I realized this week that it is supposed to be a park for North Hempstead residents only (which we are not). Oops. No one booted us out though.

This little guy got his first tooth this week! He had a well check on Thursday and the pediatrician said there was no way he was teething already, and then on Friday a tooth popped through! Logan's sleep has been a mess recently, so this explains a lot. Not to mention, he is growing and working on new skills - like rolling. Eric's mom texted me at work yesterday and told me that Logan rolled from his tummy to back twice! 

On Tuesday we went to Eisenhower Park for a little while after Lila got out of school. Lila was so tired though. She kept crying every time she sat on the top of the slide. Then she would slide down, laugh, run around, climb up and start crying again. TIRED. Needless to say, we didn't stay long.

Working on "framing" for my photography composition class.

Also, "filling the frame".

Target run.

Logan is just such a happy baby, even with teeth coming in! Thankfully the bottle-feeding is getting better. He drank 6 oz yesterday while I was at work, which is a vast improvement!

Bow-tie onesie. CUTE.

I love this face.

We put up the doorway jumper yesterday. Logan likes it! He has started sticking his tongue out, which is the cutest. I think maybe he's feeling that new tooth with his tongue.

And that was our week!

Happy Monday to you!