Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Things are crazy busy as always around here...lots of things happening at work, requiring lots of rehearsals...two old friends in class...getting Lila up and off to school in the morning...meetings...teething...not much sleeping...its all a juggling act. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Links this week!

Amazon is opening an actual store in Manhattan!

Fall is making me want to bake... like this sour cream coffee cake, for instance, or this carrot cake with cider and olive oil.

I'm gonna have to see if Lila likes this garlic mac and cheese.

Everyone is obsessed with buffalo plaid!

These instagram photos of light and shadow in an office setting are simple and beautiful.

Some gorgeous black and white shots of Paris.

How parenting has changed since we were kids. SO true!

Adobe just released a new Aperture to Lightroom migration plug-in.

A television series about Magnum Photos by the creators of Downton Abbey? Could be good!

12 words even smart people get wrong. This is fascinating!

* * *

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!