Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

This week seemed like it was all about playgrounds. Lila has gained such confidence on playground equipment since starting school that she can't get enough of slides and swings and see-saws - we have been rotating between four different parks/playgrounds to keep things interesting.

It has been nice being back in the city every day. I've missed it.

Things have been very busy at work...we are putting six new cast members into the show! Hopefully that is a sign that we will be sticking around for a while...

Two old friends came into town this week - Chris, a friend from high school, and his family and my friend Matt, who I hadn't seen since we interned together at La Jolla Playhouse while I was in college! Chris and I met up at the High Line, and walked the new section of the park. I have to go back some day with my camera - the new section overlooking the train yards is awesome! It was fun catching up with Chris and spending some time with his little girl, Marie. I was wishing I had Lila with me - I think they would have really hit it off.

Matt and I met up on Thursday for coffee and then he came to see "Rock of Ages". Matt is a super talented photographer who lives and works in Malawi. His photographs of Africa are just stunning. I think he was experiencing a little bit of culture shock being in New York!

This little guy gets bigger every day. He is doing really well with the bottle feeding. I can tell that he is a bit crabby from getting teeth, but he is still smiley as ever. We put up the doorway jumper and he LOVES it. His agility is getting better every day.

And this little girl is a riot. I look back at baby pictures of her and cannot believe how fast the time has flown. I've been making a conscious effort to sit down and cuddle with her every day, because I know all too soon she will not be interested in snuggling with her mom.

I love watching Lila with Logan. She is such a loving big sister.

Logan is starting to get too big for the Rock n Play that he has been sleeping in. I moved the Pack n Play into our room in an effort to start trying to get him to sleep in that instead. No dice so far, but he does like hanging out in it while I get dressed.

The playground at the community center has been a big hit lately.

It rained on Thursday and we were all super antsy being cooped up in the house, so as soon as the weather cleared up a bit we went for a walk.

My boys. A rare moment with Eric home. He has been working non-stop at BAM lately.

Another day, another playground. This one is a few blocks from our house. Lila actually prefers the playground meant for the older kids!

On Saturday we went over to Hicks Nursery to check out the Halloween festivities. Pumpkins galore!

And that was our week! Wishing you an awesome week ahead!