Lila - Age 2, Week 49 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Just a few more weeks until you are THREE! You are growing and learning so quickly these days. Your speech is improving every day. You imitate what everyone says (so we have to be careful!). You love singing songs and you continue to memorize every single one of your DVDs and act them out whenever they are on. Your playground skills have really grown - you are not afraid to go down the big slides now, and you love the big kid swings! You are running and jumping like a champ and you love to dance. I think I need to look into dance classes for you after Christmas. This week was a pretty run-of-the-mill week for us. We went to a lot of playgrounds! You just can't get enough of outdoor play. We need to get all the playground time in that we can before it gets too cold! We have started planning your birthday party, and gearing up for Halloween. What a fun time of year this is!