Logan - Week 19 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This is Logan's nineteenth week!

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I think we are finally over the bottle strike! You still give your dad a bit of a hard time but you are slowly but surely drinking an acceptable amount of milk from a bottle while I am at work! This makes me so relieved. I really did not want you to starve! Your bottle-drinking habits are very different from your sister's...much like the way you nurse, you are a snacker. You like to sip on a bottle over a long period of time rather than down 4 oz in five minutes. Its taking some getting used to, but I think all your caregivers have finally worked out a system to it. Whew. 

Your first tooth has broken through and I'm waiting for a second one to show up. I think its very close to popping through. You are gnawing on teething toys like a madman! 

You continue to be such a sweet soul. My favorite is that first wake-up after I get home from work at night. When you see that its me in front of you instead of a bottle, you start giggling. You are so happy to see me! I love that. You are just the sweetest, little man!