Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

The week started off with an all-day rehearsal for me. We are putting lots of new people into the show right now...the crazy doesn't end until the end of November. Hopefully then we will have a few weeks of down time around the holidays before more rehearsals in January. I am thankful that the show is still chugging along though. It is a fun place to go to work everyday!

On Tuesday I went over to my friend Jenn's house and took some photos of her family. They are having an artist paint a portrait of their family and they needed some hi-res photos for him to use as a guide. 

A lot of the week was rainy and cold, so we did indoor things like go to Shake Shack and Barnes and Noble. And of course, hang out at home.

Logan is teething up a storm. He loves chomping on Sophie the Giraffe.

Logan is loving the jumper. He is already getting so much stronger and can spend longer periods of time in it.

Lila loves being tickled.

Nap time. Lila is really good at napping these days. Its funny how sleep can be a challenge for so long, and then one day its not. Logan is starting to take real naps in his bed, too. I'm hoping it helps his overnight sleep.

She is looking so grown up these days.

His smiles are THE best.

Practicing letters and numbers in the bath.

A fun afternoon at the playground.

On Saturday we went over to the house in Lynbrook to take some photos of the finished interior. Lila has had a lot of fun running around that house during the renovation. That may have been the last time we will go there as hopefully it will be sold soon!

And that was our week!

Hope this week treats you well!